Thursday, March 31, 2011

The French Vase de Printemps : Enhance your style

The house of French gifts – Quel Objet--offers the Vase de Printemps-Vase of Springtime, an unusual and unique vase that can create a variety of arrangements. Also known as Vase d'Avril, or April Vase, it gives a sense of having achieved an advanced degree in floral design.

Vase de Printemps-Vase of Springtime

A beautiful feast for your eyes– the Vase de Printemps is made up of 21 glass tubes linked with zinc coated steel bands allowing you to create various shapes– a long lazy 'S', a spiral or  short little wiggles. Each design is captivating and unique in its own way. These glass tubes can even be taken apart to make autonomous arrangements.

It makes a wonderful centerpiece for a dinner party, with flowers cut about ten inches high, so you can view your dinner companions, and letting it meander down the center of the table. Just a few pretty flowers in the Vase de Printemps spell instant elegance, and you win the show.

Vase de Printemps is from the extraordinarily creative French design team, Tsé & Tsé, the artists behind the Gold and Platinum bowls also found at Quel Objet.

Deck Chairs Are So Tempting

 A 'Wow' just escapes your lips when you look at the parked deck chairs in the sunny beaches inviting you to have a sun bath. If you are planning to take a break and head for the beaches or pool, French deck chairs from Quel Objet are the best way to lounge. These chic seats from France's Southwest add to your sea, deck or poolside collection.

Quel Objet has an elegant collection of deck chairs that can be folded and carried anywhere you wish. These deck chairs are made with a sturdy beechwood frame that adjusts to four positions. The chair folds flat to 52" x 22" x 3" and, upright, the back is 38" high. A little plastic gizmo locks the chair back in place so that it does not slip and leave you flat.

The fabric of these deck chairs is 100% French cotton which can be easily removed for washing. Compliment your beach outing with a cabana red beach bag that is roomy enough for your towel, lotion, iphone, and whatever else you need at the beach.

If you are a pink freak, Candresse deck chairs become you. Named after a tiny village near the original thermal springs spa in France, Candresse deck chairs are cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. Who can stop you if you propose to match your deck chairs with Quel Objet's Candresse Espadrilles and Sac De Voyage travel tote ? You can make a style statement with these exclusive chairs.

candresse deck chair

Quel Objet also has Borce Deck Chair and Bidos Deck Chair that have been named after beautiful locations southwestern France.