Thursday, March 31, 2011

The French Vase de Printemps : Enhance your style

The house of French gifts – Quel Objet--offers the Vase de Printemps-Vase of Springtime, an unusual and unique vase that can create a variety of arrangements. Also known as Vase d'Avril, or April Vase, it gives a sense of having achieved an advanced degree in floral design.

Vase de Printemps-Vase of Springtime

A beautiful feast for your eyes– the Vase de Printemps is made up of 21 glass tubes linked with zinc coated steel bands allowing you to create various shapes– a long lazy 'S', a spiral or  short little wiggles. Each design is captivating and unique in its own way. These glass tubes can even be taken apart to make autonomous arrangements.

It makes a wonderful centerpiece for a dinner party, with flowers cut about ten inches high, so you can view your dinner companions, and letting it meander down the center of the table. Just a few pretty flowers in the Vase de Printemps spell instant elegance, and you win the show.

Vase de Printemps is from the extraordinarily creative French design team, Tsé & Tsé, the artists behind the Gold and Platinum bowls also found at Quel Objet.

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