Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lothantique Bath Products

This beautiful bath and body collection caters to the most basic human needs of touch and smell. Based in Haute-Provence, Lothantique uses modern-day compositions with time-honored techniques. Natural fragrances and simple, recycled-material packaging characterize this earth-conscious company. And there are absolutely no animal products or testing. Lothantique french bath products make great gifts, as well as decorative accessories for the bath.

Infused with rich spirit and history, Denis and Dominique Vogade carry on the lifestyle founded by their grandparents with the creation of Lothantique, a modern company that combines old world Provencal tradition and formulas with contemporary technology. Selecting only the finest ingredients from around the world, Lothantique re-creates the handmade quality and uniqueness of that earlier generation in order to bring you the finest selection of luxurious bath, beauty, and home fragrance products.

In the words of Denis Vogade, President of Lothantique and Grandson of the Vogades of Haute-Provence, “My goal is to use modern day compositions and processes, while remaining true to ancient, time-honoured techniques. And as an environmentally conscious company, we at Lothantique understand that everyday simple pleasures–fresh air, pure water, clean landscapes and a healthy ozone– are of the utmost importance and therefore we have taken the appropriate ethical measures to help preserve Mother Nature’s offerings.”

Quel Objet offers Lothantique in several products:

Bar soaps – Palm oil and shea butter-based for rich moisturizing while gently cleaning, lightly scented, and triple milled in the tradition of Savons de Marseille, which makes for long lasting soaps.


Liquid soaps – The liquid soaps are a liquid version of the bar soaps, not diluted with water and gels as so many other liquid soaps. And because they are not made with fillers, you only need to pump once, thus using much less each time and making the bottle last longer.


Foam Baths are infused with their signature fragrances. Pour a little into hot bath water and enjoy a rich soothing bath that leaves skin soft and very gently perfumed. These foam baths are available in 16.66 oz and have five choices of fragrance – Lavender, Verbena, Green Tea, Grapefruit and Marine.


Hand Cream contains shea butter, and is an excellent treatment for dry and cracked hands. This cream is light enough for every day use and comes handy in a metal squeeze tube which is convenient for travel or easy to carry in a purse.


Lothantique Eau De Toilette – The eaux de toilettes are clear refreshing single-note fragrances-just a lightclear scent, not heavy or overpowering. Currenlty available in lavender and grapefruit.


So slow down, take time to breathe and transport yourself to the gardens of Haute-Provence with us at Quel Objet.

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